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Dust Collection Books


Dust Collection Basics Book


This book skillfully guides the woodworker through all the steps necessary in the design and construction of an efficient system and provides tips for easy installation. With fifty pages of concise information, including photographs and illustrations, this handbook is a must have! This book is key to a complete dust collection assortment.


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Dust Collection Basics

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Woodshop Dust Control Book


A complete guide to setting up your own system; revised and updated

Wood chips and sawdust in the woodshop are not just a nuisance -- they can also present a significant health hazard. But the good news is that this completely revised, color edition of Woodshop Dust Control provides all the information you need to protect yourself from wood dust.

Sandor Nagyszalanczy presents a complete overview of solutions to woodshop dust problems -- including up-to-date information on the latest products. Sandor covers everything from simple, inexpensive shop vacuums and portable collectors to full-blown central dust collection systems with cyclic pre-separators.

You’ll learn how to protect yourself from respirable wood dust using masks, respirators, and air-filtration devices. You’ll also discover ways to control dust and capture the mountains of sawdust produced by portable power tools and stationary machines. When it’s helpful, Sandor uses charts and graphs to illustrate the information. With the advice in this book, you’ll get practical information on designing, building and installing a system that’s right for your shop.


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WoodShop Dust Control Book

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